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Phoebe's alternative health energy medicine practice is aligned with the model of integrative and holistic healing. Energy medicine is a natural complementary adjunct to western medicine and other forms of therapies. Phoebe's energy medicine treatments are either in person through hands on healing or by distance healing over the telephone , which is as effective an alternative health experience as seeing Phoebe in person.


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Phoebe has brought balance and calm to my life in a way that I never thought possible.  The way I now look at and approach situations has changed fundamentally, which in turn has opened up a new range of possibilities in my life.   Phoebe has also worked with my teenage daughter to help her through what is an emotional stage in her life.  My daughter now has a new found sense of inner confidence and self esteem that can only set her on the best possible path for the future.

Oonagh K

Neural Transmission Repatterning

"I have had numerous healing sessions with Phoebe Allwell, both in person and by telephone. Her healing capacities are profound, energising and uplifting.  For some time my life has been fraught with difficulties, stress, upheavals and tragedies. Phoebe’s healing methods enabled me to work through these energies in a comforting and non confrontational way. What I recognised about myself was that I had the strength, courage and steadfastness to transform and transmute these stuck energies into a flowing, detached stream of loving and appreciative energy. I am eternally grateful for the insights, the tenderness and compassion that Phoebe gave me."

Grazia C. B.Arts, Dip.Edu, Cert1V Training and Assess, Master’s Degree (Conflict resolution)

Neural Transmission Repatterning

"I have been visiting Phoebe since 2005 to assist with overcoming the effects of chronic fatigue.  I initially went to Phoebe as she was the only Barbara Brennan Hands of Light graduate I could locate; I soon discovered Phoebe had so much more than her Barbara Brennan Hands of Light skills to offer.  

Much of the work Phoebe has done for me I would not be able to explain but I can say I would not have got my life back on track and got myself back working full time in my business without Phoebe's expert and dedicated care.  

I highly recommend Phoebe to anyone who really wants to remove the underlying issues that are causing their discomfort.  Phoebe's practice is so much more than just alleviating the symptoms.  

Phoebe Allwell is truly one of a kind, a highly skilled and highly credentialed, Holistic Practitioner she operates with the highest integrity and professionalism."

Ms K Thompson, Company Director Sydney Australia. 

Neural Transmission Repatterning

"I started working with Phoebe 4 years ago. I can’t put words to the major shift in the life I live now, as to the train wreck I was on entering her office. Phoebe’s work is a blessing to humanity and I am deeply grateful for her amazing work. During this period I have been guided into my own healership through working with Phoebe. If you would have told me 4 years ago I would be doing this work I’d say “you’re mental”.
I wish all who are fortunate enough to experience Phoebe’s work to enjoy the process and  the gentle ,strong guidance of Phoebe NTR work, it is deeply transforming process, which unfolds at rate which you can handle and lightens up your experience of this world and enables ,more clarity, joy. peace and stillness to be experienced as a normal state of being. Enjoy...NTR..."

Fifi..M. Sydney, Energy healer


Neural Transmission Repatterning

"Since my daughter has been receiving healing therapy from Phoebe, I have noticed she has more verbal language, is able to make more sustained eye contact, is much more focused at home, school, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Phoebe's healing work has helped my daughter's spiritual inner connection and has given Beth a peacefulness of spirit I had never seen in her before. This work is truly wonderful.

Maggie E., Illinois

Neural Transmission Repatterning

"People who suffer from PTSD know what it's like to live on a roller coaster in hell. We're on red alert most of the time, filled with terror and rage, and feeling cut off from ourselves and from life. Thirty years of psychotherapy had given me tools to cope with the symptoms, but the underlying pattern never really changed.

When I learned about Phoebe Allwell's work in Neural Transmission Repatterning, I decided I had nothing to lose; I'd give it a try. After only two sessions, I was amazed to find that unlike any other therapy I had tried, this one finally got to the source "rewiring" the brain back to its original pattern and undoing the damage that long-term trauma had created. I could actually feel the energy work affecting different parts of my brain and body, releasing old memories and early trauma I had totally forgotten.

For the first time in nearly 50 years, I am stepping off the roller coaster in hell and learning how to live an ordinary life. To me, the miracle is to have a choice in how I respond to life's normal stresses and to feel my old joy come back. Equally important, Phoebe's gentle manner never pushes or intrudes. How fast and how far you go depends on you. At every level imaginable, her work is helping me to recover my real life. I'm very happy to be living it again!"

Sue B., Illinois

Neural Transmission Repatterning

"Sessions with Phoebe have transformed my body and psyche. Her energy healing work has dramatically benefited my physical conditions, including macular holes and torn knee ligaments. Phoebe's psychic acuity, deep care and understanding permeate our relationship. Astonishingly, when we have phone sessions, sensing her energy working on my body is even more intense than during our office meetings. I continue to receive gratitude from people who I have referred to Phoebe. One internationally prominent woman enthusiastically exclaimed, "She changed my life; I'm free!"

Betty M., Illinois

Neural Transmission Repatterning

"Sessions with Phoebe are never dull and always address very different things. Our healings unfold in the most remarkable ways that often feel to me as if evolution is happening in that very moment. Our work together supports me in my spiritual growth as I expand my consciousness. Physically as well as spiritually, Phoebe's unique frequencies of creation help me to change the fabric of my being, working deeply in the atomic structures of my cells and helping me to release anything that no longer serves me. I have gone through very profound processes of change with Phoebe in the three years we have worked together, and I think this is possible because from the first session, I felt completely safe with her. I believe that one of the benefits of our work together is that I can now access more joy in my life and manifest with much greater ease."

Sarah L. NYC

Neural Transmission Repatterning

"My work with Phoebe has returned my essence to me and healed much inner fear and anxiety as the vestiges of old trauma have been cleared from my cells and my brain refreshed. I feel secure and safe within my body and move with freedom and confidence that are new to me. Joy and wonder in feeling connected to myself and to my soul and greater mental clarity and focus are part of my new experience."

Carol N., Illinois

Neural Transmission Repatterning

"I've worked with Phoebe Allwell for 3 years and the results are extraordinary: I'm more "in tune" with myself. There's more trust, less fear…more self confidence, less negativity…more joy, less anger… and the best of all, more love for myself and everything in the world"

Sallie B., NYC

Neural Transmission Repatterning

"I experienced the work of Phoebe as a very direct, specific and effective healing approach. I experienced a deep clearing of genetic and spiritual lineage impressions, which have been barriers to my evolution, for a long time. I feel grateful to this gift of grace in bringing this way of healing to the planet. I feel much more in contact with the source of love in my heart and empowered through the deepening connection to my soul. This enables me to accept and cherish life much more with joy."

Gerard P., Austria

Neural Transmission Repatterning