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Neural Transmission Repatterning

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Energy Workshops & Classes

Alternative Medicine Workshops and Class Offerings: These are some of the available alternative medicine workshops and classes that are available by Phoebe Allwell throughout the United States and in Australia.
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Energy and Consciousness Workshop: Level 1

An experiential workshop for Health Care Professionals or anyone interested in discovering more about energy and consciousness

Heighten your effectiveness with energetic awareness

Join Phoebe for a day of exploration and development of your energetic awareness. This workshop will help you sense, experience and explore the way you perceive energy in a supportive and safe environment. You will learn how to center yourself using unique skills and qualities that you may then bring to your work and relationships. We will explore what happens in the first moments of contact in relationships including client and therapist, from an energetic perspective. There will be demonstrations and didactic work exploring skills you already use within your practice and your life. This creates the energetic foundation for your work and life experiences.

Topics to be explored include:

  • Setting the energetic template of the group
  • Perceiving energy
  • Discovering and exploring your energetic field
  • Discovering you preferred sensing system
  • Exploring your energetic container and its impact in relationship
  • Finding language for what you already know
  • Initiating contact with your guides

Dates and Locations: TBA

Email Phoebe if you would like her to come to your area to lead this workshop

Neural Transmission Repatterning


Codes of Remembrance, Codes of Creation Workshop

Activate your Divine Creation Code Constructs for an evolutionary upgrade

Transmission and Initiation with Workshop Leader and Alternative Medicine Therapist Phoebe Allwell pioneer and creator of Codes of Remembrance, Codes of Creation

Part 1: The Teachings

The Creation Codes are tiny sacred mathematical constructs that create our DNA; they are the building blocks and foundation of human life and all existence. These Divine Codes exist through all time and space, holding all of creation in its purest form for the Remembrance of Who You Are. They are being introduced at this time for the evolution of humanity and the planet by Phoebe Allwell, pioneer and creator of the Codes of Remembrance, Codes of CreationT transmission and teachings.

Your cellular DNA was originally created from Divine Creation Codes.They [Creation Codes] are the primal building blocks of all existence.

Part 2: The Transmission

Phoebe will prepare your subtle energy body to receive the direct transmission and initiation of your individual Creation Codes. Through this transmission, your personal Codes will reconfigure your human genetic cellular structure (DNA) for the optimal evolution of your physical and energy bodies. Your personal frequencies will be upgraded, enhancing your life's journey from here forward.

Are you a holistic healer or practitioner?

The transmission and initiation you will receive in this workshop will evolve both your physical form and your subtle energy body, increasing your frequencies, power and potential, which will directly, positively affect your work with clients. Your new "upgrade" will radiate out through you to others, facilitating planetary healing- the true intention of the work.

Dates and Locations TBA

Email Phoebe if you would like this workshop and transmission to come to your area.

Neural Transmission Repatterning


Children's Spirituality Class

Sometimes children need to talk about their unseen friends or spiritual experiences and their innate knowingness. An environment such as this will help them express, experience and deepen their unique sense of self.

Lead by Phoebe Allwell
Alternative Medicine Therapist and Educator

Dates and Locations TBA

Email Phoebe if you would like her to come to your area to lead this class.

Neural Transmission Repatterning