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Neural Transmission Repatterning

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Sensory Integration Dysfunction

What is Sensory Integration Dysfunction?

Sensory Integration Dysfunction is the inability of the brain to correctly process information brought in by the senses. Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID) or sensory processing deficits can come in many different forms. No two children will be affected in the same ways. SID was first noticed in children with autism or who had autistic traits but is also seen in children with other disabilities such as cerebral palsy or ADD/ADHD or can be present by itself. Children can have mild, moderate or severe SI deficits.


Children with SID/DSI can be either hyposensitive or hypersensitive to outside stimuli. Can have processing deficits in one or more areas. Visual and auditory processing deficits are noticed in children with cerebral palsy quite often. When a child has a visual processing deficit, it does not mean that they cannot see. It means that they have a hard time finding the words for objects they are viewing or, if asked to go get an object, they might look right at it and then say they can't find it. This is because they are seeing it but their brains are not processing that they are seeing it. Auditory processing deficits are the same, the child hears what you say but the brain does not process it so the child understands or it takes several minutes for what you have said to "click" with the child. Listening or music therapy can also help with auditory processing deficits.


SID is treatable with multimodal interventions including diet (low allergenic, gluten-free, dairy free) nutritional supplements (Vit B, magnesium, essential fatty acids and others)

Alternative Healing Therapies are an important and effective treatment in alleviating many of the symptoms of SID. Introducing Energy Therapy and working with the individual's electro magnetic energetic field as in Neural Transmission Repatterning (NTR) is one of the modalities successful in the treatment of SID. A Treatment such as NTR affects the cellular biology and chemistry of the body and brain to reorganize, integrate, regenerate and repattern the neural pathways, to improve and balance the electrical transmission and circuitry of the entire brain, bringing a compromised system back into alignment or integration.