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Autism Spectrum

What is Autism?

Autism is a developmental disability that usually shows symptoms between 18 and 36 months. Autism affects children in many different ways and, as a result, is medically referred to as "spectrum disorder". In the last 5 years, autism has become the third most common form of developmental delay, and now occurs more commonly than Down syndrome. Because there is nothing abnormal about the Childs's physical appearance, this disorder can be difficult to recognize. However it is important to identify an autistic child as soon as possible and act to ameliorate the effects of this condition.

"Since, my daughter has been receiving healing therapy from Phoebe, I have noticed she has more verbal language, is able to make more sustained eye contact, is much more focused at home, school, at speech therapy and occupational therapy. Phoebe's healing work has helped my daughter's spiritual inner connection and has given Beth a peacefulness of spirit I had never seen in her before. This work is truly wonderful."
~ Maggie E., Illinois


There is no one specific cause of autism. Currently research focuses on biological and neurological difference in the brain, including biochemical imbalances, genetic influences and immunologic problems. Food allergies (e.g. gluten and dairy), excessive amounts of yeast in the digestive tract and exposure to environmental toxins have all been implicated.


Children exhibit mild to severe symptoms of delay, in many combinations and varying degrees of severity, although in all cases, the ability to communicate and social interaction are the most impaired functions. About half of all children with autism have slowed development, especially language and social skills. The other half develop fairly typically until 18-36 months and then begin to regress in speech patterns and social skills. Some children with autism withdraw from physical contact with other people and do not make eye contact.


Alternative Healing Therapies are an important and effective way to work to ameliorate many of the symptoms of autism. Introducing Energy Therapy and working with the child's electro magnetic energetic field as in Neural Transmission Repatterning (NTR) is one of the modalities successful in the treatment of Autism Spectrum. A Treatment such as NTR affects the cellular biology and chemistry of the body and brain to reorganize, integrate, regenerate and repattern the neural pathways, to improve and balance the electrical transmission and circuitry of the entire brain, bringing a compromised system back into alignment or integration.

Multimodal interventions including diet (low allergenic, gluten-free, dairy free) nutritional supplements (Vit B, magnesium, essential fatty acids and others) also help to make a difference in bringing a whole system into balance.