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Neural Transmission Repatterning

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About Phoebe Allwell

Alternative Medicine Therapist, Gestalt Psychotherapy & Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Phoebe AllwellPhoebe is a certified energy field therapist/healer and a graduate of the acclaimed U.S. and European school of energy medicine The Barbara Brennan School of Healing. This is a licensed 4-year professional in-depth training program in energy medicine and personal transformation. Phoebe has completed a Grad Cert. Gestalt Psychotherapy and is studying for her Masters of Gestalt Psychotherapy.

Phoebe has been on the path of consciousness, spirituality, meditation, healing and health both professionally and personally for over 20 years. Through divine guidance she left the business world in Melbourne, Australia to follow her soul's life purpose of healing and educating. "My passion is to live life to the fullest and to manifest such fullness in engaged service to others and the world and to have the courage to step open heartedly into the unknown."

Phoebe has studied with teachers and mentors who have supported and guided her as she deepened her inner and outer experience of consciousness and beingness into joy of life. She's a master healer and intuitive, teacher, spiritual counselor, ordained minister and workshop leader of Codes of Remembrance, Codes of Creation™ and Energy and Consciousness for Health Care Providers.

Phoebe believes that "healing brings us to the place within ourselves where we remember and experience deeply within our bodies, heart and soul the truth of who we are - Divine Spiritual Beings".

Phoebe's energy medicine practice is aligned with the model of integrative or holistic healing. Energy medicine is a complementary adjunct to western allopathic healing models and many forms of psychotherapy, with the time for healing and recovery being greatly enhanced. Phoebe's energy medicine treatments are either in person through hands on healing or by distance healing over the telephone, which is as effective a healing experience as seeing Phoebe in person.

Phoebe's practice "Neural Transmission Repatterning™" was previously known as Frequencies of Creation Healing™.